Lyn Farm: A non-profit Foundation


Community Project: A non-profit foundation “Lyn Farm” to own and manage the property using sustainable/organic production with value-added small ruminants, equine, poultry, forages, and gardens. The area transit buses can transport residents for youth programs after school, “Ag in the Classroom”, Jr. & Sr. Master Gardener, Tree Steward, Master Conservationist, photography and more.  Schedule events such an Antique Tractor show, car show, field day events for ongoing research projects, open barn events for school or public interactive learning with the livestock; view goat milking and other activities including a community CSA garden. Currently we are renting the property and need to find funding for acquisition of this property.

Contact Information
Kathy L. Rose
905 Richmond Street
Rockwell City, Iowa 50579
Phone: 712-297-0096
Iowa Dairy Goat Association
American Dairy Goat Assn.
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Work with youth who live in town and in 4-H/FFA in providing the opportunities to have projects they ar not allowed to have in their backyard because of city zoning regulations. These Youth with the livestock and other projects can earn merits that could become collage scholarships that pay the tuition. A graduate from this programming could be the future manager of this farm or veterinarian.

The Big Brother/Sister or Foster Grandparent programs could be expanded.  Our prison trustees with dogs could spend time training dogs on the farm.  They could train a dog for a disabled farm family member.


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The county is considering removing the established shelter belt and turning it into corn and soybeans.  It costs money ($18,000) to remove this grove in the above photo. This area hasn't’t been farmed for over a century. Removing trees and applying chemicals on the land will destroy established prairie plants and the natural marsh that exists on this 25 acre property.  By changing the management and ownership to make this a unit managed with livestock that browse or graze on this area makes better use of the existing natural resources that qualify for organic certification than to destroy this shelter belt.  Public help is needed to stop  the county.

  Applications can be made for grant funding as a community vision, philanthropy donations, research funding, youth project grant funding, working with special grants.
This project needs volunteers and will create a few jobs that may be full or part-time employment. We can build rental cabins for freeway travelers and college interns. People will stop in and want to view the farm and shop in the farm retail store where they can buy locally grown value-added food a farm produce. The scheduled events will bring people to the farm and into the towns from outside the community to spend dollars.
Historic 1930 Swine Barn
Much needed donations to purchase property and restore buildings.
Iowa State Fair Iowa State Fair
  Sac County Fair
Sac County Fair  
Chickens: Open Class Youth Division
Placed 2nd & 3rd
Grand Champion District Breeding Doe
Milking the Goats
1st place in open dog obedience